Fainne Oir

David Agnew, co-producer.

‘I’ve been a fan of Ciara Sexton’s work since I played the score and saw her perform in Heartbeat of Home, she transcended time and air. Her choreography is engaging, innovative, beautiful and evocative, her solo work emotive and enthralling.

I’ve known Kathy Fahey for many years now, and was always hugely impressed with her phenomenal work ethic. Her music sings with simple melodic exuberance. It’s sincere, fresh and honest, a perfect palette of sound for Ciara’s choreography.

I loved Kathy’s story of Fainne Oir, and how it was described in music, dance and narration, and the spirit with which the Mayo community entered into the music-making was very moving and satisfying in performance. That production involved more than 100 people. I immediately saw the possibilities for a professional version that would bring this innovative theatrical music and dance drama to many venues at home and abroad’…